An intelligent uptime monitoring system that shows real-time results. The tool is equipped with a comprehensive reporting dashboard that gives you detailed summaries and statistics. With 365andUP’s uptime monitoring tool, you will be available 24*7 for your customers no matter from which part of the world they are accessing your website. Get notifications immediately through SMS, email or through different channels, if there is an outage. Provide the best experience for your website visitors with 365andUP’s robust website monitoring tool. Be always available to your visitors.

Take a look at the detailed features of Uptime Monitoring:
Global Monitoring
365andUP’s free website monitoring tool understands that your customers are spread across the world. This is why we monitor your website’s uptime from more than 15 locations around the world. Our tool selects from different checkpoints at regular intervals to check your uptime from these locations. No matter which part of the world you have a customer from, be prepared to be notified if there is a downtime.
Dependable alerts
365andUP’s uptime monitoring tool monitors your website every minute of the day. It sends notification alerts through various channels like SMS, email, Slack etc. You can also configure the system to send you reports at specific intervals or download it any time you wish. Our uptime monitoring service is capable of working in conjunction with all your requirements, no matter how unique they might be.
Comprehensive reports
Learn everything about your website’s uptime thanks to 365andUP’s comprehensive reports. It includes a detailed website monitoring survey where you can see your site’s uptime by week, month or overall and Outage statistics that gives info on every time your website was inaccessible. The dashboard comes with detailed summaries, graphs, reports, etc.
Frequency of Monitoring
You can even choose to monitor your website every 1 second. All you need to do is use the control panel of your account to change the settings. With 365andUP, you can receive instant downtime alerts so that you can have the website up and running in seconds.
Get to the root
365andUP's uptime monitoring service doesn’t just show you why there is a problem, but it goes beyond a step to find the cause of the problem which will give you an idea to what to look for. It runs a series of additional tests to find out what transpired during uptime monitoring and why it went wrong.
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