Keep tabs on your websites in Real-time

Instant alerts & detailed reports to cut down on website downtime

Status-check from around the world

With 100+ servers in 11 locations across the globe, automatically detect downtime from different regions at fixed intervals. Don’t lose out on global reach & availability. 

Set up Alerts across platforms

Our uptime monitoring tool pings your website through the day at regular intervals and notifies you instantly through a variety of channels (Text messages, emails, Slack alerts etc). Get site reports delivered to you at regular intervals and check on the overall status and performance of your website, without any delay

Generate historical reports

Know everything there is to know about your website with our comprehensive auto-generated reports. Get a detailed breakdown of your site’s uptime by different intervals, as well as outage statistics in the event your website goes down. Summaries and graphs give you a bird’s eye view of your website’s performance, so you know the status without having to browse through pages of reports.

Set your preferred monitoring frequency

Change your site monitoring intervals effortlessly from the 365&Up dashboard. Monitor up to a frequency of 1 minute, or easily set it to your convenience

Accurate issue diagnoses

Go above and beyond with finding just the right fix for when your website goes down. Run a series of additional tests and check on different parameters to find the root cause of what went wrong.

Start Monitoring for free

Offering you all the advanced features you need to keep your website running, without clearing out your wallet.

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