Monitoring a website might look like a boring task to do, you don’t have to take a peek every 10 odd seconds to see if everything is working fine. We are talking about using a website monitoring service that will keep your website in the thick of health.

08 Jul 2022

We hope to put our point across by giving you 13 reasons to monitor your website

1. Keeps your customers happy

The goal of any business should be to keep its customers happy. Simple, isn’t it? Well, we do agree that there are a lot of other variables that come into place to keep them happy. If you are a website owner, the least that you could do for your customers is to provide them with a site that loads without taking too much of their time.
If you are a SaaS business, it is imperative that your website needs to be up 100% of the time since your customers are using your services/products from around the world. As we always keep saying, your competitors are just a click away.

2. Detect hacking activity

Your website is highly vulnerable when it is down as hackers can easily gain access to it. They can send a few malicious codes and you will soon see your website coming down like a pack of cards. Having a website monitoring tool keeps you away from such issues as it keeps a check on the uptime of your website. Webmasters are informed by text or email at regular intervals to keep them apprised of the situation.
Do you want a sea of calm or a war zone? Your call.

3. Google won’t hate you, otherwise, it will

Do you know that Google hates it when your website takes a lot of time to load? It penalises you by keeping you in the last few pages of the results when it comes to search engine rankings. The downtime and speed of your website is directly responsible for your search ranking. Have constant downtime issues and your customers will hate you too, forget about Google alone.

4. Loss of ad dollars

Most ad dollars are spent on PPC or pay-per-click model. This means that you pay for every click through the ad links or banners. If a potential customer clicks on your ad only to find that the page is unavailable, not only is it a travesty since you are losing a customer but you stand to lose their trust too. Monitoring the links on your website, the content and all the pages are the only way you can save your advertising dollars.

5. Don’t lose your image

Marketers will tell you that the brand image that you possess is of incredible value. It can make or break a proposal that you send to your client. A client will choose a vendor based on the skill set that they bring and also the brand value they possess. A website that is constantly down will have a poor image and is an instant turn off for anyone who is wanting to associate with you. Monitoring your website is the best way to save yourself from such embarrassments.

6. You will be in control

There is nothing like being in the driver’s seat when it comes to your business. When you know there is a problem to solve, you will get working on it. But you need to know that there is a problem in the first place. This is what a website monitoring tool can help you with. Otherwise, your business is just like a headless chicken jaywalking its way to death. Imagine that scene. No, you don’t want that.

7. No intervention needed

Once you set up the monitoring tool, there is no other work that you need to do. The website monitoring tool will take care of the rest. There is no intervention required from your side, it will keep testing your website continuously at regular intervals. It will do its job all year round and saves you truckloads of time as well.

8. Your site will be reliable

Having a high uptime number is a matter of pride, something that you can brag to your customers and to the world. It is a vindication of the fact that you are a reliable company that takes care of the needs of its customers without any hiccups. It will also increase your customer’s trust in you. As they say-”How you do anything is how you do everything.” Your customers will extrapolate your use of the monitoring tool as a mark of your overall service and the products you offer.

9. Quickly detect issues

When it comes to your website, not caring about the minutest of details might end up snowballing into something extremely malicious. This makes it all the more important for you to monitor your website using a tool. Keep your website’s uptime high so that there is no chance for hackers to gain entry into your website. The all-year-round website monitoring tool can easily do this for you. Other minor issues will also be found by the tool.

10. All websites have issues

While it might be hard to chew, it is the truth. All websites will eventually run into problems and there could be issues that crop up now and then. It is in your business’ best interest that you should compulsorily take the services of a website monitoring tool. Monitoring your website gives you the opportunity to find out if there are files that keep your website from loading faster. Not only is your uptime important, Page Speed is also equally important and Google appreciates it if you load the pages faster for your customers.

11. It happens to everyone

Remember this dialogue Rachel mouths off to Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

“It’s not that common. It doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal!”

We are going to use the quote but with our own twist to drive home the point on how important it is to get your website rolling with a site monitoring tool.

“It is common, it happens to every website, and it is a big deal!”

Yes, website downtime happens to all. You need to be totally aware of it as soon as it happens so that you can take remedial action.

12. Let’s get into some math

Even if your site’s uptime is 99%, it is still not available to your customers for at least 3.65 days a year. When you see it in the big scheme of things, 3.65 days in a year might seem like nothing, but imagine if one of those days falls on a festival like New Year’s?

You are losing your customers by the minute and your reputation is gone beyond a point of redemption. Why?

“Their website wasn’t even opening on New Year’s eve.”

Boom! Just like that, your credibility is tossed to the bin.

13. Is your website usable even if it is ‘up’?

When you use a website monitoring tool, not only does it check uptime monitoring but also tells you if your website is usable from the point of view of a customer. A customer might be having a torrid time on your website because of its slowness. A website monitoring tool will keep you apprised of this. It considers a lot of other metrics in play as well to keep your website highly functional and up.


Let us tell you the biggest reason why you should use the services of a website monitoring tool- because it is easy and super effective. The set up is easy, you will be notified of any downtime and you will also get a rich-dashboard with insightful tools giving you the ability to analyze your website data.

“Is your website down?”

How embarrassing is it to get such a question from a customer? Be proactive and be in control whenever you face a downtime to avoid such questions. Also, knowing that your website is running smoothly is one of the best gifts that you can give your business.

Want to get started with a website monitoring service? 365andUP’s website monitoring tool’s free trial offer comes with a lot of options that can help your case. Give us a try!

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