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  1. Are SSL certificates necessary for websites !

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    Trust is the bedrock of all relationships. If it is between two people or even among business entities that want to work together.
    Especially in this age when you don’t even have to ‘meet’ the vendors you associate with, trust is everything. In transactional relationships, forging trust is so important that without it there is no question of the association at all.
    If you are a website owner, how do you make your customers feel secure?
    Do they see random flash-based animation floating around on your Home page? Expect them to scamper for safety by clicking the ‘X’ icon on their browser.
    A business that has a website should get an SSL certificate- consider it as the first thing to establish trust with your visitors. Its presence is verified by a simple icon that is displayed on their browser.

  2. 10 ways to improve your website performance

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    There are few things as frustrating as visiting a slow website. How many times have we closed the tab as soon as we realize that this visit is going to be a time-guzzler?
    Countless, isn’t it?
    No matter which type of business you are in, as long as you have an online presence, it is a must that you keep your website up and running as smoothly as possible. One of the factors that contribute to the efficient running of a website is its speed.
    Speed affects your website’s visitors, reputation, conversion, sales, traffic and customer service. Keeping a fast loading website will only make your business grow faster and better.
    Here are 3 statistics on Page Speed that should convince you about its importance:

    • A 100-millisecond delay in load time causes conversion rates to drop by 7%
    • 79% of online shoppers said that they won’t return to a site that takes too long to load.
    • Pages that load under 2 seconds has a bounce rate of 9% while a five-second delay pushes the bounce rate to 38%.
  3. Virus attack. Here is how you can protect your website from viruses

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    “I don’t think it will happen to me” is a common sentiment that we all share when we see someone going through a tragic situation. More than 30,000 websites are attacked each day and many business owners think that they are not at risk. Link: https://www.computing.co.uk/ Let us clarify that for you- if your business is on the Internet, then be prepared for a malware attack, which is why you need to do website virus scans periodically. While the previous sentence might sound a little harsh, the repercussions of being hit by malware can be terrible for your business. Here we are going to discuss “how to protect a website from viruses”

    Not only would it mean that your business will literally stop thanks to a dead website, you will also end up looking like a less than a credible organisation. Be proactive when it comes to the security of your website. For no fault of your own, your website will get blacklisted by search engines if it is infected.

  4. Essential pointers in choosing a best website monitoring tool for your business

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    If you are an eCommerce website, a second’s downtime can cost you millions in this tough market. Customers loyalties are extremely fickle and they refuse to return to a website that takes a lot of time to load. But the biggest downside when it comes to website outages is the loss of trust from customers. This is why it is pivotal that you use a website monitoring tool to take care of it.

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