A page that loads slowly can be an irritant to users resulting in dropoffs. If a website takes a long time to load, the likelihood of the user not returning back is extremely high. Use 365andUP’s free page speed monitoring tool to check out your website’s page speed. With this tool, you will understand how your site performs, unearth the reasons why its slow and find out ways to optimize the site better. Testing of the page’s speed from different countries, browsers, and more is collated. This data will be available on the dashboard to know everything about your page speed.

Take a look at the detailed features of Pagespeed Monitoring:
Deep dive into your entire site
Page Speed differs across your entire website. It is imperative that you commit to routine tests for your website speed optimization. Otherwise, you are putting your company’s efficiency at stake. Identify problem areas and get a full breakdown of the issues that plague your page speed.
Automated tests
You don’t have to sit like a hawk to monitor your page speed at all times. Set the tests, manipulate the frequency and the type of alerts you want. Forget about it as you will get constant updates of the test results directly to your email.
Get the results of the online page speed test on a central dashboard which will show you a rundown of the legacy tests so that you can compare. The reports generated after each test will be available on the dashboard. View them in different graphical formats that will help you make business decisions.
Reduce slowness
365andUP’s online page speed test tool identifies the type of attributes that slows down your website while suggesting you tips to implement solutions that increases the page speed. Unless there is a tool to test your page speed, you will never know the gravity of the situation. This is where the 365andUP tool makes a difference.
Comprehensive information
Just knowing the page speed isn’t enough, 365andUP’s tool even tells you how much time each of the elements like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, documents, etc, take to perform. You will be able to identify the exact content type that pulls down the page speed of your website. Every single element in your web page is thoroughly checked.
Monitor your website relentlessly & effortlessly with a full version account of 365andUP