You are always vulnerable when your business is on the Internet. Malware, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and whatnot. Being susceptible to attacks from different quarters should put you on guard at all times. Thankfully, there are services like 365andUP’s malware virus scan and protection tool that doesn’t let you or your website down. Finding out that you have been attacked is not the ideal solution? Why? You need to know beforehand that you might be attacked which will give you enough ammunition to make things under control.

Take a look at the detailed features of Malware Monitoring:
Scan your site 24x7
Our malware checker will continually monitor the site to see if there are any anomalies. Checking the site’s response time is pivotal in this regard as most attacks strike at the speed of the website.
Saves you from being blacklisted
If your website is attacked from outside forces, not only will you have to spend countless hours to get it up and running, you will also find yourself blacklisted by major search engines. When using a malware checker tool like 365andUP’s, even if a hacker injects malicious code, you will be notified of it and will have ample time to completely thwart the attack. It is wise to equip your website with virus scan and protection features so that you are not caught at a vulnerable time.
World’s best anti-malware signatures
We have specialists on Trojans, Malware, Phishing etc, who works day in and out to develop anti-malware signatures to take care of your website. 365andUP has the best malware and vulnerability detection tool in the market and you should make use of it if you want to keep the hackers out of the box.
Instant threat notifications
During attacks like this, immediate notification of the issues is what matters. If you get to know that there was an attack on your website a few days back, there is hardly anything you can do since you would have started facing the repercussions already. Get yourself notified of any immediate threats with 365andUP’s best virus scanning tool.
Faster scan engines
Our state of the art scan engines are made to scan your site super fast, so that in the event of a threat you will be notified at once. The scan engines are available 24x7 on a highly scaled cloud server to handle any application loads.
Monitor your website relentlessly & effortlessly with a full version account of 365andUP