Slack Integration

Incoming webhooks are an easy way to share information from external sources with your workspace.

For receiving notification from, through slack follow these steps:

  • Create a Slack app (If you don’t have one already).
  • Enable incoming webhooks:
    • After logging into your account, go to settings via your app’s management dashboard).
    • From here select the incoming Webhooks feature, and click the ‘Activate Incoming Webhooks’ toggle to switch it on.
  • Create incoming webhook:
    • After enabling the incoming webhooks, add new webhook by clicking the button named “Add New Webhook to Workspace”.
  • Provide this webhook URL in the textbox under Slack section in alert settings.

Zendesk Integration

For receiving notification from, user have to provide zendesk domain, email and an API key.

If you have an account already, the zendesk domain and email will be with you by default. You are good to go.

For getting the API Key, follow the steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on API under Channel section in side bar.
  • Enable Token Access by clicking toggle button on right side.
  • Create a new API key by clicking the button with “plus” icon.

Note: Make sure to copy and store this token. They won’t show it again after you click Save or leave this page.

Freshworks Integration

Here’s how you can get your API key:

  • Login to your Freshworks account. (Create a new one if you don’t have and verify via email)
  • Click on your Profile Picture on the top right and select “Profile Settings”.

  • In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key.

Microsoft Teams Integration

365andUP uses Incoming webhooks to generate and notify alerts with your workspace.

For receiving notification from, through Microsoft Teams follow these steps:

  • Sign into Microsoft Teams.
  • Enable incoming webhooks:
    • Goto Apps window
    • Find the app Incoming Webhooks

  • Click Add to a team
  • Find the team and select it

  • Provide a name for the Webhook

This will create a Webhook URL, copy it from the page

Open the Alerts Section in 365andUP and find Microsoft Teams.

Click the Add button ( + ) to add the URL.

Paste the URL copied from Microsoft Teams


Click Save


Alert sent us an SMS to the registered mobile number.


Email to which the notification alert to be sent.

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