Preserve your online identity

Don’t lose out on your precious online address with live domain monitoring

Know when your domain expires

An expired domain can impact your online presence. Track the validity of your domain and keep check on all the important dates from the 365&Up dashboard.

Cross-check domain info

Perform WHOIS lookups and ensure your domain records match. Cross check your details with what your domain registrar has and prevent any information mismatch

Set up alerts & reminders

Set up custom alerts to know when it’s time for you to renew your domain, or any other important event from the 365&Up dashboard. Get notifications across a variety of channels and assign notifications to specific team members, and work hassle free

Set record values

Test your domain’s performance and track page response times with our Domain monitoring solution. Set DNS rules and test with different record values and get notified when they are flouted. 

Start Monitoring for free

Offering you all the advanced features you need to keep your website running, without clearing out your wallet.

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