Add New Task

  • Name: Proper name to identify tasks.
  • Protocol: protocol to connect with the website.
  • Domain: website domain name to be monitored.
  • Get Pages: This button needs to be clicked. When clicked, all URLs under the entered domain will be fetched and displayed in a table. From the table, user can select up to 10 URLs to the monitor task, which will be monitored. User can get the domain monitored under automatic threshold value (0% errors). Or user can manually configure the threshold value of each URL as well as each parameter/contents.
  • Monitoring interval: Required test interval.
  • Alert groups: User can select alert groups from already created ones or create a new one and proceed.

Defacement Home

User can create and configure new tasks using add new tile in defacement summary page.

Defacement Summary

This section contains a common summary display of all defacement tasks (good, error, suspended and total counts). The values are clickable and can be used to filter the tasks by good, error, suspended or total tasks. Also there is a tile to add new tasks.

Defacement Tasks

  • A toggle button to switch between list view and grid (default) view.
  • A search bar for tasks using task name.
  • Tiles in either grid view or list view to show each task added by user. Scan status, task name, URL can be viewed in the tile. There are three dots as a short menu option for edit, suspend/activate or delete the task/tile.
  • Pagination to switch between pages if there are more tasks.
  • Scroll to top button.

Defacement Result Page

  • Edit, activate/suspend and delete buttons are present.
  • The details of the task is also shown( task name, URL, test Interval ).
  • The scan details are shown in a tabular structure, in which the test URL, its status and details are shown.

If the status is good for a column and user clicks on details button, then the expanded row will only show a “NO CHANGE” message.

If the status is critical for a column and user clicks on details button, then the expanded row will show a section which contains some tabs on top (scan parameters like: iframe, images etc.). The defaced parameter will be red in color and other parameters will be in blue. On clicking the red colored tab, user can see the reference contents and the new current(defaced) contents. Also a count of number of tags is shown below both reference and current content and their difference is clearly shown.

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