Maintain online content integrity

Detect critical changes to your website & preserve online integrity

Compare historical changes to content

Compare your website’s content to earlier recorded iterations and identify any attempts at defacement. Our Defacement tracker monitors changes to your website’s Document Object Model (DOM) which lists out its every element (links, content, scripts etc) and ensures that they stay consistent

Auto-Perform routine standard checks

Manually test for defacement or simply set up automatic checks from the 365&Up dashboard. Perform a variety of defacement tests (Image, Script, Anchor Iframe, Link & Text defacement) at regular intervals

Intelligent Baselining

Our Defacement tracker auto-captures your website’s baseline, identifying and separating its static and dynamic elements, creating an accurate baseline DOM. This ensures that you are only alerted in the event of actual defacement, over false alarms.

Set up Alerts across platforms

Get notified, as well as notify your team members in real-time when there’s evidence of your website’s defacement. Our defacement tracker sends out alerts across multiple channels (Text message, Slack, Push notifications etc) so you know exactly when there is a compromise on your website’s appearance and information.

Monitor visual changes to web pages

Our defacement tracker also provides a simple solution to track defacement, not requiring any sort of technical know-how. Simply enter your URL, click & drag, and select those regions on the website you wish to monitor.

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