Restore your website within seconds with 365andUP’s website defacement monitoring tool. A defaced website can result in irreparable damage to the reputation of a business. Enabling a website defacement monitoring tool lets you monitor these threats and prevent them in a best-case scenario. It scans the entire website for any untoward content and checks if there has been any attempt to tarnish your brand image with defacement. Get real-time notifications for your website as soon as the tool finds an act of vandalism on your content.

Take a look at the detailed features of Defacement Monitoring:
Web Content Integrity
365andUP's website defacement monitoring tool compares the current content ( DOM) to previously recorded content (DOM) to identify any defacement so that content integrity is maintained. A webpage’s Document Object Model (DOM) lists each element including links, content, scripts, etc. You can do the defacement checks either on auto mode or do it manually at regular intervals.
Standard checks
Here are some of the tests that are done during standard check: Image defacement, Script defacement, Anchor defacement, Iframe defacement, Link defacement and Text defacement. 365andUP’s website defacement monitoring service uses a baseline document object model (DOM) to analyze differences while performing defacement checks at regular intervals.
Intelligent Baselining
Our system has the ability to capture the baseline of your site and will be able to poll your URL many times to identify the static and dynamic parts. Thanks to 365andUP’s website defacement prevention tool, you can expect your business to be safe where it will be difficult for any hacker to get in.
Proactive alerting
365andUP’s website defacement prevention tool ensures that relevant user alert group members are notified if they see a hack. The alerts can be sent on any channel including email, voice, SMS, IMs or Push notifications. Apart from tracking to see if there is any hacking, it also helps you stay on top of any security issues. As one of the best website defacement monitoring tools, 365andUP ensures that you get real-time defacement status of the website.
Image analytics
This is a unique solution from 365andUP which doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML and is also considered extremely user-friendly. In this method, the URL to be monitored is rendered into an image and you can choose to select import regions that require to be monitored. 365andUP’s website defacement monitoring tools helps you stay out of embarrassment.
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