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Here is what 365andUP can do to your business

Making decisions that are pivotal to your business will be the single most important job that you do as an entrepreneur. There is a big difference between reacting to something that happened and proactively engaging with your business in taking ‘informed’ decisions. Knowing that you have a well-oiled machinery working overnight to keep your website safe and sound helps you sleep peacefully at night. Otherwise, it is as if sleep apnea has taken over your life where you constantly get up gasping for breath. You do get the drift, right? In the above analogy, life is your website. Your website needs regular website performance monitoring to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If you could lay your hands on an all-encompassing website performance monitoring solution for your website, would you take advantage of that? With 365andUP’s solution, monitor your website, and applications in the same platform without having to engage with different vendors that offer these features as separate tools.

Let us walk you through the total solution package that 365andUP offers

With the power of SaaS, 365andUP brings you one of the most powerful website solution tools in the market. The accuracy and efficiency with which the tool works, and the benefits associated with it trumps everything else. The all-in-one solution from 365andUP is akin to LeBron James playing basketball- but on steroids. There is no need to rely on multiple applications that just increases the overheads and wastes time in engaging with them. Here are the features that you get with the 365andUP tool:

Website Uptime Monitoring

The uptime of your website is crucial to the very existence of your business. If your website is not available for your users at certain times, they would not wait for it to be up again. Your competitors will be sending you snide emails saying ‘Thank you’ because they got your client since you laxed, maybe just for a few seconds. Today, time is money. You might as well pick up a wad of cash and throw it into a lake if you don’t have a tool to monitor your website.

Why fret when there is a solution? 365andUP ensures that your business gets uninterrupted website performance tests and troubleshoot for problems the minute it encounters one- all of this, automatically. Issue with scripts, forms, bandwidth overload, device failure or even a problem with your hosting provider- get instant updates from 365andUP. It sends real-time reports as well as historical data directly to your phone. Every second of downtime affects your productivity, turns away money and you lose your reputation.

SSL checker

Imagine handing over your credit card details including your CVV number to a random stranger who would be happy to fleece you? That is what a customer would be doing if they were to make payments on an ecommerce site without an SSL certificate. It is not another feature that we have added to the mix to impress you- SSL certificate is ‘necessary’ for your website.

SSL establishes a secure connection between the client and server through HTTPS. This is how sensitive information like customer details and credit card details are protected. Having an SSL certificate keeps hackers and all the phishing, sniffing, clickjacking and trojan attacks at bay. The 3 rd party certification that you get from SSL improves your reputation and users will be comfortable transacting on your website. Also, it is mandatory for a business site to have an SSL certification.

To keep your website safe, make sure that you check the status of your SSL certificate at fixed intervals.

Website Defacement

A small code is all that is enough for hackers to add text, images or popups that defaces a website. This is often done to send a message or defame the website owners. If your website is a victim of defacement, then there are a lot of things that you need to take care. Reputation management being one among them- users who visit your website might assume that your website is incapable of storing sensitive information or they might be offended by the message added to deface. Using 365andUP’s monitoring tools prevents and alerts you of any such attacks.

Remember, hackers are always trying to exploit vulnerabilities, 365andUP’s tool ensures that all best practices are followed to the T. Stay on top of your security infringements by troubleshooting issues with our hack detection and stay relevant for your customers.

Remember this, a defaced web page can reflect badly on your credibility and reputation. Do the needful before it becomes an irrevocable issue.

Malware and Vulnerability Scan

365andUP’s virus scanning feature checks the website for viruses, malware, trojans, website errors, expired software, blacklisting status, malicious code, vulnerability exploits, PHP mailers, IP cloaking, Cross Site Scripting and infected files- to name a few. 365andUP’s tool stealthily crawls your website to discover all possible threats.

Our technology checks for issues on the site and website-based malware in less than a minute. It does all of this by emulating a website visitor behaviour by scrolling the page, opening links on header, clicking on hyperlinked text, visiting each page and so on. Using this behaviour analysis method helps in discovering everything that is malicious for the business and the website visitor. 365andUP is the easiest way to scan for any malware and vulnerabilities thus keeping your website safe and secure.

Page Speed

With 365andUP’s Page Speed test tool feature, you get something that is far more powerful than your average bot. It does highly configurable and realistic tests to test the speed on any given web page. The online page speed test tool gives you access to an entire range of metrics that are not only related to data but also front-end performance, customer experience as well as quality.

It doesn’t take much to conclude that your website’s speed is something customers take for granted. They wouldn’t praise you if the speed is good but will be livid if you were to give them a website that keeps lagging and takes time to load. 365andUP’s online page speed test tool allows you to set various test conditions to replicate the browsing behaviour of your customers. Page speed is not only an indicator of the efficiency of the website, but it also speaks about its performance. Ensure that you use the services of a page speed tool to understand how much time your website takes to get information from the server.


Regardless of the size of your business, your website is the face of the company. A good and effective website performance monitoring tool that comes along with the features that we have mentioned above should be a must-have for all businesses. 365andUP is the ultimate monitoring tool to keep the website away from any skirmishes that will compromise your business, customers or visitors that frequent you. The price you pay for a website monitoring tool not only secures the present but acts as a fodder for the future. Don’t be found napping when website troubles come your way, get on a call with the folks at 365andUP to build a secure environment for your customers.

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