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Our Story

Ginto, Subin & Mohan started 365&Up in 2021, but unlike other wonderful startup idea stories, it wasn’t a love for the monitoring world that led to them founding it.

Ginto & Mohan ran a Software Consulting Venture, focusing on website development & cloud-managed hosting support, while Subin was busy then building some cool consumer & enterprise apps for Fortune 500s & well-funded startups.

They realized they had all faced one common complaint denominator across their domains:

Every Web monitoring app they found failed to meet the needs of today’s internet.

Eventually, the 3 got together with the aim of delivering a Monitoring platform that gave its end-users an Intuitive User Interface & offered a better, more useful basket of technologies.

After talking to a slew of potential customers, charting out the major pain points they faced, they compiled a series of redressal measures, leading to the birth of 365&Up.

Today, 365&Up offers Uptime, SSL, Defacement, Domain, API and Content monitoring to its varied customers, with many more features in the pipeline, waiting to be rolled out.

Our Founders

Ginto Thampi CEO
Mohan Kurian COO
Subin Sebastin CTO
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