How it
all started!

Imagine seeing a message that says- "The site can’t be reached",
exactly when you are about to show
your website to a client.

Ginto Thampi, our CEO, was embarrassed out of his wits when this happened in 2018. At that time he had no clue that it was a blessing in disguise. None of the other team members would have thought about the silver lining in it when the site had crashed.

Oh and by the way, it didn’t end with just the site crash. Our support team broke us further with a “Our entire site is corrupted now because of a large-scale virus attack”

A double whammy! This is how 365andUP was born.


We realized that we did not have a website monitoring service taking care of anomalies on the site. To ensure that an incident like the above never happens again, we tried a number of solutions available in the market. As if it were destiny, we got to know from, another company of ours, that there were customers who were looking for a similar solution.

With a solid tech team on our rolls, we thought “Why not?”

Within no time, we built

The team

The 365andUP’s amazing team has been handpicked from different quarters of the world based on their technical prowess. We keep working on the product every day to give the best service so that none of our customers have to face the ignominy of staring into a lifeless website like we had to.

365andUP, PiServe Inc’s flagship product is spearheaded by Ginto Thampi and our co-founder, Mohan Kurian. Having worked with a variety of technology products and consulting, they have the firepower to tackle any kind of issues. The team worked hard on perfecting the product by following the latest software development processes and improving it with each day.

Monitor your website relentlessly & effortlessly with a full version account of 365andUP